+ Interactive

I love the idea people all over the world to see, touching and feeling our latest products. Games are the only true interactive medium. It demands the user to think and react to consequence. Like no other medium it engages people and surprises them.

+ 3D Assets

As a company dedicated to providing high quality content for interactive entertainment, I'm always striving to stay as close as possible to leading technology. I create many different types of assets for VR, mobile and the film industry. Some of My models are to be found for sale in the Unity asset store. These are designed to work in any game. I'm very exited about the asset store and feel this is the future for game development. The concept of reusing props in games is strangely new. However, it has been used in movies and theater since its beginning. Thanks to Verold you can take a good look at the models before your purchase here.

Very responsive, great product delivered on schedule. Highly recommended!

—alpha3d, Verold

+ Graphic design

The world is not only games and assets for those games. Here are some of the "real" things that I've done to keep my mind fresh.

One of the best and creative designer I have ever worked with. If you want quality, hire Christoffer

— Fredrik, Vassaknivar.se (Masahiro catalog)

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